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1.   Market Girl Monsters & Madonnas (unpaginated)
1a.   Close up of a section of Market Girl Monsters & Madonnas
2.   Close up section of Cesare Borgia Collection of the author
3. . Thunder Monsters & Madonnas
4.   Fagin The Command To Look, p.145
5.   The Tantric Sorcerer The Command To Look, p.111
6.   Woman Of Languedoc The Model, p.139
7.   Piety The Command To Look, p.161 (after Albrecht Durer, 1471-1528)
8.   Salome American Annual of Photography 1928, p. 79 after (Henri-Alexandre-Georges Regnault 1843-1871)
9.   Pouring Milk From the Collection of Robert Balcomb (after Jan Vermeer, 1632-75)
10.   Untitled still life Art & Antique Magazine vol. 20 no. 4 p. 60 (after Juan Sánchez Cotán, 1560-1627)
11.   Hobgoblins #49 Los Caprichos, from a Dover reprinting
12.   Belphegor The Command To Look, p.147
13.   Pretty Teacher #68 Los Caprichos, from a Dover reprinting
14.   Preparation For The Sabbot Monsters & Madonnas
15.   Ravages of War The Disasters of War, from a Dover reprinting
16.   A Family Group- Xmas 1914 The Model, p. 229
17.   The Consequence The Disasters of War, from a Dover reprinting
18.   The Glory Of War The Command To Look, p.105
19.   The Death Of Hypatia The Model, p.185
20.   The Pit and the Pendulum Monsters & Madonnas
21.   The Heretic The Command To Look, p. 113
22.   L’ Amour The Command To Look, p.163
23.   Patricia Collection of the author
24.   Down The Path Outdoor Portraiture, 2nd ed., p. 133
25.   Anne of Cleves The Model, p. 5
26.   Niccolo Machiavelli The Model, p. 155
27. Human Relations The Command To Look, p.143
28.   The Quest for Pure Form From the Collection of Robert Balcomb
29.   Torse The Command To Look, p.123
30.   Study The Model, p. 213
31.   Figurehead Monsters & Madonnas
32.   Fragment Monsters & Madonnas
33.   Mutual Admiration Life, May 1980, p. 9
34.   Youth Monsters & Madonnas
35.   Best friend—or worst enemy The Model (3rd ed.) p. 153
36.   Nude and Glass Arthur F. Kales, Pictorial Photography in America, Vol. 4, Plate 37
37.   Glass William Mortensen, Photograms of the Year 1925, Plate 3
38.   Johan The Mad Collection of the author
39.   Wind The Model, p. 105
40.   Suspicion The Model, p. 35
41.   Paganini The Command To Look, p.85
42.   Moonlight Madonna The Command To Look, p.87
43.   Girl of the Highlands The Command To Look, p.91
44.   Give Us This Day The Command To Look, p.175
45.   The Possessed The Model, p. 165
46.   The Vampire The Command To Look, p.135
47.   Scepter of the Dali Lama The Model, p. 65
48.   Pas de Ballet The Model, p. 85
49.   Rope Dancer The Command To Look, p. 131
50.   Doris 1928 The Model. p.199
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