Dan Eldon Journals

 “To explore the unknown and familiar, distant and near, and to record in detail with the eyes of a child, any beauty, horror, irony, traces of utopia or Hell.” – Dan Eldon

Dan Eldon was a remarkable and gifted young man, having worked for Reuters in Somalia at age 22 as their youngest photojournalist. Dan traveled to 42 countries, creating a series of fine art journals that would become international best sellers. On July 12th, 1993, while covering the aftermath of a tragic bombing in Mogadishu, Dan and three young colleagues were stoned and beaten to death by a mob enraged by the unjust killing of innocent people.

Inspired by her son’s life, Kathy Eldon, along with Dan’s sister Amy Eldon, launched Creative Visions Foundation in 1997, a global organization that supports “creative activists” who use their talents to change the world around them. Creative Visions produced the film, “The Journey is the Destination” (see below) about Dan’s tireless struggle to create positive change in an increasingly violent and dangerous world. TheScreamOnline is proud to feature selected works from his 17 journals that he created during his short lifetime.

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Inspired by Dan’s life, “The Journey is the Destination” tells the story of a young man struggling to realize his purpose, his place in the world, and his belief in the role of individuals to create positive change. Shot on location in South Africa and Kenya, starring Ben Schnetzer and Kelly Macdonald, directed by Bronwen Hughes.

This documentary studies the motivations of journalists dedicated enough to risk their lives for a story. Amy Eldon narrates her personal journey to find meaning in the death of her brother.


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“The Journey is the Destination”
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