Phil Cousineau

Forward – “The Night Express to Our Soul”
by Jeff “The Dude” Dowd

Prologue – “The Darkness that Heals”
by Phil Cousineau

Part I – “The Twilight Zone”

Introduction – Phil Cousineau
Each Breath of Night – Annie Dillard
Nightfeed – Henry Shukman

Part II – “Nighthawks”

Introduction – Phil Cousineau
Night Gigs in Motown – Christopher Bakriges
West with the Night – Beryl Markham

Part III – “A Hard Day’s Night”

Introduction – Phil Cousineau
Take that Ride – RB Morris
Borges and the Darkness Visible – Alberto Manguel

Part IV – “The Dream Factory”

Introduction – Phil Cousineau
The Night of the Diaphanous Dream – Joanne Warfield
Sleepwalking – Anthony Burgess

Part V – “Morning Has Broken”

Introduction – Phil Cousineau
The Throat of Dawn – Mark Nepo
Delta Dawn – Edward Tick

Burning the Midnight Oil


Part II - Phil Cousineau, Christopher Bakriges, Beryl Markham
In cousineau

The Dream Factory

Part IV - Phil Cousineau, Joanne Warfield, Anthony Burgess
In cousineau

We feature only two works from each of the five Parts of the book.
For those interested, here is the complete list of contents:

Part I: The Twilight Zone

But I Sleep Alone | Sappho
Evening Star | Sappho
Fireflies | Rabindranath Tagore
Acquainted with the Night | Robert Frost
We Grow Accustomed to the Dark | Emily Dickinson
Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me | Mary Oliver
Afterwards | Thomas Hardy
Baruch Spinoza | Jorge Luis Borges
Each Breath of Night | Annie Dillard
The Times Are Nightfall | Gerard Manley Hopkins
Songs of Owl Woman | Owl Woman (Juana Maxwell)
Blue Mosque Reverie | Phil Cousineau
Night and Sleep | Mevlana Rumi
A Hymn to the Night | Novalis
The Last Prince of Thormond | P.J. Curtis
Last Night on Santorini | Edward Tick
The Tyger | William Blake
Warm Light | Charles Bukowski
Mother Nursing Milky Way | Antler
Among the Sounds of the Night | James Agee
Sunset on the Serengeti | Huston Smith
Coltrane Twilight | Erin Byrne
A Little Night Music | Linda Watanabe McFerrin
You Have Opened a Secret Tonight | Mevlana Rumi
Love at the Edge of the Grand Canyon | Jane Winslow Eliot
Their 50th Anniversary | James Botsford
Night Feed | Henry Shukman

Part II: Nighthawks

Night Song | Sappho
A Letter from Galileo | Galileo Galilei
The Night Is Much More Alive | Vincent van Gogh
Campfire Talk | Antler
Alone with the Stars | Rachel Carson
The Mohawk Thanks to the Stars | Douglas George-Kanentiino
Glaciers by Starlight | John Muir
Alone in the Arctic Night | Richard E. Byrd
A Night in an Igloo | Georgia Hesse
Edward Hopper: The Nighthawk | Alexander Eliot
Bonfire Night on Inis Mór | Dara Molloy
Inis Mór Night | Tess Harper
A Night in the Royal Ontario Museum | Margaret Atwood
Café de Nuit | Erin Byrne
The Domain of Night: The Darkroom | Stuart Balcomb
Dead Air / Night Radio | Richard Beban
Reading at Night with My Father | Goody Cable
Night Gigs in Motown | Chris Bakriges
Miles of Country Roads | Miles Davis
Amsterdam | RB Morris
Night Painting | Gregg Chadwick
West with the Night | Beryl Markham
The Moon over the Seine | Mort Rosenblum
Drinking Alone by Moonlight | Li Po
Bedrock Mortar Full Moon Illumination | Antler
Zorba’s Fire | Nikos Kazantzaki
Night Train | Georgia Hesse
Night Game | William Haney
Pitch Dark | Phil Cousineau
Hares at Play | John Clare
The Night Cry of the Peacock | Flannery O’Connor
When Mockingbird First Heard Rock | RB Morris
Walking Walden | Henry David Thoreau
Wandering at Night | Walt Whitman
San Francisco Nights | James Norwood Pratt
Elastic Midnight | Mikkel Aaland
The Night I Drove Kerouac Home | Phil Cousineau
I Walk the City at Night | Mevlana Rumi
Night Walk in Manila | Pico Iyer
My Library at Night | Alberto Manguel
Last Night, Alone | Mevlana Rumi
The Night Roses | Sarah Maclay
Black Roses | Rosemary LaChance

Part III: A Hard Day’s Night

Insomnia | Abu Amir ibn al-Hammarah
I Have Brought My Pillow | Zi Ye
All Night I Could Not Sleep | Zi Ye
Winter Night | Yang-ti
Untouched by Sleep | Ovid
The Fore-Shift | Matthew Tate
Machines Shed Aluminum Tears | Jeff Poniewaz
I Can See in the Midst of Darkness | Mahatma Gandhi
The Origins of Our Fear of the Dark | Bruce Chatwin
Driving with Jack at Midnight | Phil Cousineau
Take That Ride | RB Morris
Silent Night in No Man’s Land | Stanley Weintraub
Nhac Sanh | Edward Tick
In My Own House I Am a Stranger at Midnight | Gary Young
The Dangers of Reading All Night | Rob LaChance
The First Quiet Drink of the Evening | Raymond Chandler
Noche de los Muertos | Linda Watanabe McFerrin
Advancing on the Chaos and the Dark | Emerson
Burning the Midnight Oil | Jeff Poniewaz
In a Dark Time | Theodore Roethke
Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night | Dylan Thomas
Bourbon | Sarah Maclay
Childhood Radio Signal in the Alien Detroit Night | Joyce Jenkins
Borges and the Darkness Visible | Alberto Manguel
Night Train Home | RB Morris
Tarde Noctem | Kent Chadwick
When Encountering a Ghost for the First Time | Lewis Carroll
He Watched Her While She Slept | James Joyce
The Night Will Pass | Mevlana Rumi
Lying Awake | May Sarton
Tymnes | Michael Wolfe

Part IV: The Dream Factory

I Fell Asleep | Ono no Komachi
Chanzu Tzu’s Dream | Zhuang Zhou
A Dream of Mountaineering | Po-Chui
Let not Sleep Come upon Thine Eyes | Pythagoras
The Benefits of the Dark | Leonardo da Vinci
Golden Slumbers | Thomas Dekker
Those Who Don’t Feel This Love | Mevlana Rumi
Windows and Doors | Phil Cousineau
The Midnight Guest | Anacreon
Sonnet 27 | William Shakespeare
Dreaming of Kubla Khan | Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Visiting My Brother One Summer Night after Rain | Jeff Poniewaz
Looking at Them Asleep | Sharon Olds
Night Song | Sarah Maclay
Kant’s Critique of Pure Sleep | Thomas de Quincey
A Dream Within a Dream | Edgar Allan Poe
The Land of Nod | Robert Louis Stevenson
The Sentinel in Love | Farid ud-Din Attar
Postcard from the New Delhi Night | James Botsford
Sonnet 43 | William Shakespeare
The Vision to Elektra | Robert Herrick
Dreaming While I Drive | RB Morris
A Renaissance Remedy for Sleeplessness | Marsilio Ficino
The Night of the Diaphanous Dream | Joanne Warfield
Before Turning off the Lights | Brother David Steindhl-Rast
The Mystery of Jet Lag | Pico Iyer
Sleepwalking | Anthony Burgess

Part V: Morning Has Broken

Dawn | Sappho
End of the Party | Sappho
An Eskimo Greeting to the Day | Orpingalik
To Tan Ch’iu | Li Po
For Fleas, Also | Kobayashi Issa
The Night at Zensho-ji Temple | Basho
The Throat of Dawn | Mark Nepo
My Immortal Beloved | Ludwig van Beethoven
Alice Wonders: Was I Changed by the Night? | Lewis Carroll
It Gave Me the Daring | Lalla
Wake! | Omar Khayyam
Speak to Us of Beauty | Kahlil Gibran
To Awaken Each Morning | Thomas Dekker
Lying Single in Bed | Samuel Pepys
Each Soul Must Meet the Morning Sun | Ohiyesa
Waking in the Monastery | Gary Young
Zero in the Dark | Verlyn Klinkenborg
The Night View of the World | Howard Thurman
I Have Been Tricked | Mevlana Rumi
Delta Dawn | Edward Tick
The Spirit of St. Louis in the Coming Dawn | Charles Lindbergh
Our Little Life Is Rounded with a Sleep | William Shakespeare
The Old City before Dawn | Pico Iyer
White Nights | Willis Barnstone
The Blind Watchmaker | Phil Cousineau