Tony Munzlinger

munzlingercoverMany years ago I was working in Hollywood as a music copyist on the film “Spacehunter,” and the proofreader expressed an interest in my artwork. I gave him a print of one of my drawings, which was actually a self portrait. In return, he gave me a wonderful book by Tony Munzlinger called Jazz, which was right up my alley.

Right away I could see that Tony was a jazz lover. With his pen he was able to crawl inside the person and show you the personality, the strengths and struggles, and almost enable you to hear the music. His artwork beautifully captures the essence of each musician, much as how, with a simple stroke, Al Hirschfeld perfectly embodied the nature of his subjects.

We present you the Jazz Portraits of Tony Muzlinger, used with permission of the artist.

All art ©Tony Muzlinger

Please visit Tony’s website to see more of his artwork.