Andy Romanoff

Fifteen Thousand Buddhas

Fifteen Thousand Buddhas is a project to photograph thousands of religious icons, capturing the feelings they generate. The name refers to a famous thousand-year-old Korean painting which appears to be a single Buddha, but which when closely approached reveals itself to be fifteen-thousand infinitesimally small individual Buddhas all painted to create the larger image. Like that painting, Andy wants these pictures taken together to become something greater.

The icons come from many religions, photographed in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bratislava, Germany and across the U.S. By project’s end, Andy hopes to have something representative of every religion. When finished they will be a kaleidoscope of pictures; a wealth of images intended to generate thoughtful and contemplative feelings. It should be rich enough to invite repeated viewings and it should repay those viewings with a fresh view every time. The first public viewing of these pictures was at the Shatto Chapel of the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles.

A veteran of Hollywood for over 50 years, Andy is also a journalist, writing for L’Oeil de la Photographie and PetapixelPlease visit the link below to see the complete Buddha collection.

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