John Isaac


johnTheScreamOnline is greatly honored to have featured John Isaac‘s work many times over the years. He is the former Head of the United Nations Photography Unit, and since leaving that post has made it his life’s mission to photograph the beauty of this world: wildlife, people, locations, nature.

2007-2013 Instructor, Maine Media Workshops (annual workshops)

2001-2012 Featured photographer, Olympus Visionaries (lectures, workshops)

2006-2013 Beta tester and book project contributor, Adobe

2008-2013 Sponsored photographer, Lexar Media, Lowepro, X-rite

2008-2009 Photographic Expert, American Museum of Natural History Expeditions
(South India)

1998-1999 Photographer for Pavarotti & Friends (“The Children of Liberia”)

1996-1997 Official Photographer for Michael Jackson’s “HIStory” World Tour

1988-1993 Official photographer for Audrey Hepburn as UNICEF Ambassador

1979-2000 Minolta Corporation, official speaker/photographer

1987-1998 Photography Chief, Dept. of Public Information, United Nations

1978-1987 Photographer, Dept. of Public Information, United Nations

1970-1978 Darkroom Technician, United Nations

Key bodies of documentary work include the Vietnamese “Boat People,” the Ethiopian famine, the Cambodian “Killing Fields,” the Iranian Revolution, the Persian Gulf War, the Lebanon War, the Bosnian War, and the Rwandan genocide; photographed in over 100 countries. These images were used by the United Nations in numerous publications and for a variety of peace initiatives.

Key bodies of wildlife work include the endangered tigers of India’s national parks, the migrating cranes of New Mexico’s Bosque, the grizzly bears of Alaska’s Katmai Peninsula, the puffins of Maine’s Machias Seal Island, and the national parks of Namibia, Africa. These photographs have been featured in dozens of profiles of John in both print and online publications.


2000 Lifetime Achievement Award, International Photographic Council
1993 Professional Photographer of the Year, PMDA
1991 Best Outdoor Photograph of the Year, Graphis Magazine Awards
1985 Pictures of the Year Award, Missouri School of Journalism
1985 Kodak Professional Showcase Award
1978 Gold Medal, Photokina International Photography Contest
1972 Grand Prize, United Nations Development Programme International Photo-
graphy Contest
1972 Nikon International Photography Contest (13 awards in following years)


2014 Burning Bright: The Endangered Tigers of India (Quantuck Lane Press/W.W.
Norton & Company)
2008 The Vale of Kashmir (Quantuck Lane Press/W.W. Norton & Company)
2002 A Day in the Life of Africa, primary contributor (Publishers’ Group West)
1996 Photojournalist: In the Middle of Disaster, sole photographer profiled
(Blackbirch Press)
1996 Children in Crisis, series of four volumes (Blackbirch Press)
1995 Coorg, Land of the Kodavas, with Jeannette Isaac (BCK Plantations)
1995 Visions: Fifty Years of the United Nations, contributor (Hearst Books)
1993 Endangered Peoples, co-author (Sierra Club/Random House)

EXHIBITIONS (selected):

2010 ArtsQuest/The Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA
2008 Concordia College, Bronxville, NY
2003 Concordia College, Bronxville, NY
2000 Millenium Expo, Hannover, Germany
1998 International Expo, Lisbon, Portugal
1995 World Cities Expo, Tokyo, Japan
1993 International Expo, Taejon, South Korea
1992 International Expo, Genoa, Italy
1988 International Expo, Brisbane, Australia
1986 International Expo, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1984 International Expo, Tsukuba, Japan


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2002 The Washington Post, “A Day in the Life of Africa”
2002 Amarillo Globe News, “Two Pros Share Views on Digital”


1966 BSc in Zoology, New College, University of Madras, India