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When you’re lying asleep
beside me, mostly
naked, as I am,
deep in sleep
(unlike me, who sleeps
lightly), and I
on your living-in-your-sleep,
the part of your life I
can’t share,
haven’t shared our
fifty plus years together,
each night roughly for
eight hours,
adding up to
months, years.
And then myself am
pulled down by
the need to sleep
and can no longer
think or see
clearly but sink
into the pool of
quasi-thought and illusion that
translates, sometimes,
into dreams,
fragments of which
may linger
when, over breakfast,
we try to
share what is
of our lives

Joseph Somoza took early retirement from college teaching (New Mexico State) and editing (Puerto Del Sol) twenty years ago to have more time for writing and living.  He has published four books and five pamphlets of poetry over the years and has a new book As Far As I Know coming out from Cinco Puntos Press in November 2015.  He lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with wife Jill, a painter.

Photo ©Richard Beban