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Leaving Home

Early morning.
You leave home
for the very last time.

A samurai sleeps
in your parents’ bedroom.

You enter on tiptoes
take his thesis from the bedside
and tear it to pieces.

You find the street
crowded with people
celebrating a wedding
maybe your own.

Farther on in a rural area
night has fallen.

A river stretches on and on
glimmering in the darkness.

Your boat awaits you.

Victor Contoski is an American writer and university professor of Polish descent.  His books of original poetry are Astronomers, Madonnas, and Prophesies (Northeast/Juniper Books, 1972); Broken Treaties (New Rivers Press, 1973); Names (New Rivers Press, 1973); A Kansas Sequence (Tellus / Cottonwood Review Press, 1983); Midwestern Buildings: A Collection of Poems (Cottonwood Press, 1997); and Homecoming (New Rivers Press, 2000). He has also edited and translated Polish-related writings.

Photo ©Joanne Warfield