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The Art of Dreaming

One day, the sun sowed its seeds
and a swan sang its song at dawn
among rushes. The song reads:
“Eve is dreaming of a better Adam,
night is dreaming of a brighter day.”
Musing by the stream,
I had some time
to let my mind unwind
and unravel the riddle
of my life a little.

I realized that
more than anything,
I want the chance to sing
and turn my hand to verses;
boneheads to rhyming curses,
mermaids to sweet wet nurses.

I also came to see
beneath the trees that day
that a person is a poem
speaking itself into existence,
blending thought and feeling
till they mingle in a single stream of meaning,
for that’s the art of dreaming.

Matt Flumerfelt, born Dec. 13, 1959 in Upstate New York. Received his Bachelors degree in English from Valdosta State University. Studied Classics at UGA. Jazz trumpeter. Self-published several collections of poetry: Dover Fields, Timepieces, The Art of Dreaming. Currently working on an epic poem about the Greek hero Hercules, which can be seen at

Photo ©Joanne Warfield